Top CSS Frameworks in 2022

Top CSS Frameworks in 2022

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·Jan 22, 2022·

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The best thing about being a frontend web developer is to write code in CSS, I myself enjoy this a lot and many do. It's CSS that keeps moving the beginners who want to get into frontend web development. While learning CSS, I personally had the best time and also some of the worst days. Yes, CSS can get hard sometimes and this happens for most of the people. CSS is time consuming too

Here are some of the reasons on why to use a CSS Framework instead of vanilla CSS

  • It helps in prototyping anything quickly
  • Time saving
  • If more of your focus is to learn react or any other frameworks
  • To increase the development time of your project

That being said here are my top CSS Frameworks in 2022

1. Material UI (MUI)

MUI is a react component library used to build react applications. It uses a component based architecture and it has components for most of the users needs. Many top companies also use MUI in production.

As far as the usage goes I have only one complain about this library and that is you need to write a lot of code to achieve a simple component, but the outcome is pretty solid though.

One last tip which I would give is open the documentation website and keep it aside whenever your using this library in your react apps

2. Bootstrap

What can I say about this OG library here, most of them would have used it at least once in there dev career.

It is a simple and easy to use library which has rich utility classes for basic stuffs like margin, padding etc and also it has various components which are ready to use in your apps.

If you want to use this in a react application then you can use react-bootstrap or reactstrap, these mimic the original library but in a more react way.

3. Tailwind CSS

Tailwind CSS is one of the best CSS libraries I have used in a while. It uses the utility based classes approach and that's really the main advantage of tailwind.

You can just throw in a couple of classes to your HTML/JSX and boom the UI which you need is built in couple of minutes. It's very highly customizable too

There are many other features in this library which stands out too, the major ones being:

  • The ability to create own components
  • The ability to extend styles based on our requirements
  • Built in Dark mode feature and many more

So these 3 were my top picks and these are the one's which I use constantly.

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