How to start Freelancing as a Frontend Web Developer in 2022

How to start Freelancing as a Frontend Web Developer in 2022

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·Sep 15, 2022·

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So at first anyone reading this article would ask themselves what did the person who has written this article has achieved in the field of freelancing!

Before telling my personal tips, let me share my short story of how I got into the world of Freelancing.

It was the year 2021, lockdown was announced in India has the nation was suffering from the 2nd wave of covid-19. At this time personally I had some skills like React, Gatsby and a headless CMS called Strapi. The concept of a headless CMS was pretty new to me and I was amazed by it. Luckily I had a developer friend who needed a portfolio for his friend and he was a photographer. There was a section called recent works in the portfolio and his main concern was that he wanted to upload new works or delete them basically he wanted to manage that section without touching the code. This was the first time I used a headless CMS for good use. I developed the frontend application, configured Strapi and hosted it. I gave the Strapi admin panel to the client and he was pretty impressed how easy was it to manage the work section of the portfolio. After this was when I decided I need to get into freelancing and use my skills to good use. It's been an year or so in this field and I have delivered more than 50 projects to different clients around the world

Enough of my story, now let me share some tips on how anyone can get started in this field.

1. Be confident with your skillset

You don't need to know every concept of say react to start freelancing, but you need to be confident on whatever you already know in react. You should be able to create couple of side projects for yourself, just think you have an imaginary client and think of his requirements and start working on that. Basically what I want to say here is be confident with the things you know.

2. Try out different Platforms

These days there are many ways to land a freelance project. It would be from your Linkedin profile, it would be from your twitter account. To land projects from here you need to start marketing yourself. If you are lazy like me, lucky for you there are freelancing platforms like Fiverr, Upwork were in you need to create a great profile and make it appealing the same time. There is one last platform which I can suggest and this Findcoder. One of my friend got a freelancing project from this site

3. Pick a niche

Let's take my own example, so I hope you have read my story on how I got into freelancing and has stated there I found out about headless CMS's. I went to Fiverr searched for other gigs which has services related to headless CMS's and guess what hardly there were 5-10 gigs with this service. So I quickly created a gig called I will build websites with Gatsby and Strapi has headless CMS and till this day I get project requests pertaining to this gig here. So my niche here was headless CMS, this way you c an pick up a niche and be successful in this field

So these tips helped me to become a freelance frontend web developer. End of the day all you need is perseverance, with that anything be achievable!

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