Best ways to create and consume API's as a frontend web developer

Best ways to create and consume API's as a frontend web developer

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·Jan 2, 2022·

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As a frontend web developer, creating API's for your application can be tiresome because you need to know frameworks such as express.js and node.js. Learning these technologies can also take time and thus cannot be used as a quick solution for creating API's.

In this blog I will list down the different ways in which a frontend web developer can create API's and consume it in his/her frontend application.

1 API Driven Headless CMS

There are many headless CMS's out there in the market! but the most powerful one's according to me are those who give the ability to generate API's. There are two main use cases in these type of CMS's, one is the developer can manage his content and the other is the developer can get a restful API for the content which he has created.

Any frontend web developer can easily setup these type of headless CMS's and can generate API's within a jiffy.

There are many API Driven headless CMS out there, but the most popular one's and thee one's which I use are :

  • Strapi.js
  • Ghost
  • Directus

You can have a look at the different type of Headless CMS's from here

2 No Code Tools

No-code tools have become all the rage for those wanting to implement technological tools but don’t have the technical skills to pull them off. Here the technical skills which a frontend developer lacks is obviously the need of a backend framework

There are many no-code tools to build API's out there, some of the most popular one's are:

  • Stackprint
  • Airtable
  • Restpoint

3 Create API using websites

Yes, you heard it right there are many sites which provides this service. Simply create an endpoint name and start adding data. It's that easy to create a mock restful API through these websites. Although for more complex scenario's this can't be considered but if anyone wants a quick solution to test it out, creating API online can be one of the fastest ways.

Some of these websites are:

Creating API's in 2022 is not that difficult when you have these tools with you. So what are you waiting for! use these tools and services to build awesome web apps.

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